School Success

*Sam was admitted to the School Success program in the spring of 2015. Previous to his enrollment, he had presented significant avoidance of school behaviors, limited social interaction skills, inability to be in class with other students, he left campus frequently and attempted to return home as his primary coping mechanism.  He currently participated in the School Success Program for three and a half hours per day, receives academic programming in a supportive learning room and rides the bus home from programming each day. He is scheduled to return to the traditional classroom in the spring 2016 semester for one to two classes. He no longer leaves the premises or goes home prior to his designated time. He interacts with peers and has displayed noted growth with development of social and communication skills and choices of topics more related to his age and peer’s interests.


*Alex attends the School Success Program for two hours per day and has transitioned to attending classes/supportive study hall for the remainder of the school day. Prior to his placement in the School Success Program Alex had required 12 hospitalizations in one year to assist him with addressing and managing his severe anxiety symptoms. Since placement in the School Success Program, he has required intensive inpatient services on only three occasions over the course of the last year. He has displayed the ability to identify sources of  anxiety, verbalize his concerns, follow through with asking for and using coping skills/mechanisms. He has also had the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities this semester.