Ms. Sanders' Letter

The following letter was written by the parent of a youth enrolled in the Broadstep - Wisconsin Wraparound program. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.



My name is *Ms Sanders and my son is Matt.  Steven was Matt’s Care Coordinator. I’d like to take just a minute to let you know how things went with Steve. When Steve came into mine and Matt’s life, we were in turmoil and I didn’t have a clue which way to turn. In hindsight, the best thing that could have happened to Matt was to be arrested and sent to juvenile court. Without that happening, we would not have been able to be part of the Wraparound program and we would not have met Steve. Of all the people that were thrown at us during Christopher’s year of probation, only two stood out and stuck with us to the end. Steve being number one. I know that it is his job to do what he did, but he did it with caring and compassion. No one else in the “system” cared or bothered with us (including his Probation Officer).


Steve was at our home every week without fail. He listened to our problems like he was a family counselor. He was a sounding board for us so that we could all heal together. He put effort into all of our meetings. He is professional with a personal side, which was easy for us to relate to. We liked him right off the bat. At first I wasn’t sure how someone as young as he is was going to help us, but he did. Slowly but surely, not only did my son start to head down the right path, but the family as a whole started to come together.


I just want to say that Steve was the right person for us. He should be commended for the way he handles his “kids” and the families also. I believe that Steve has a bright future and whoever is in his path will be the better for it. It was emotional for me on our last day together. Not only because our support person was leaving, but because Steve was leaving. Speaking for my son and myself, we wish Steve all the best.


Thank you,

The Parent of a Youth in the Broadstep Wraparound Program