A Christmas Story

On Christmas morning the children in both the PRTF and GCIS programs woke up to see that Santa had read their wish lists. Wrapped beautifully were IPOD’s, MP3 players, DVD players, guitars, tambourines, baby dolls, sporting equipment, TV’s and much, much more.


Obviously Santa didn’t do this alone. He was assisted by numerous government offices and businesses that were recruited by the nonprofit “Special Kid” sponsor program. Special Kid serves children with disabilities who may be victims of abuse, neglect or are impoverished.


There were many heartwarming stories that came out of this but one in particular occurred with Broadstep consumer QE. QE is a vibrant, mostly happy developmentally delayed young man who also has emotional and behavioral disorders. He is our “Cowboy”. He loves anything Western and asked for a real cowboy hat and boots. A police officer in North Myrtle Beach saw QE request. Being a “Cowboy” himself, he took the tags but went a step further. He called Broadstep to ask if he could take QE to the local Western Store and buy him some things. After clearing this with QE’s mother, he was escorted to the western store by nursing supervisor Tripp Elvis who is also a big western fan. The story that Tripp tells makes you both laugh and cry with joy. Both QE and the police officer so enjoyed themselves it will be a moment that neither will ever forget. To make this story even more special was a conversation that was had with QE’s mom. QE’s mom was in foster care when she was a child. She told the story of a family taking her shopping and spending money on her. She stated that even after all of the years that have passed, she never forgot that experience and was so happy that QE could have the same.